Sunday, August 2, 2009

Me, Myself and I QUIT!!

If running has taught me anything about life it would be quite simply to keep moving forward. At least when you move forward you end up somewhere new, hopefully somewhere better and at the very least somewhere not the same. Getting out there to expand your horizons, to learn, see and experience new things is what running and life are all about.

Unfortunately sometimes it is hard to think about moving forward when things get tough. The idea of QUITTING can begin rolling around inside my head and the words "I QUIT" may even slip through my lips in a faint whisper. Saying "I Quit" is like opening an outlet valve allowing all the anxiety and self doubt to escape in one big WHOOSH of air. I know saying "I Quit" doesn't sound good but there seems to be a part of me that needs to think it, whisper it once and a while. Who am I to deny that part of me deep down inside whom desperately wants to give up the fight even when the rest of me am fully willing to go on. OK, so I let her have her say and then I console her and commiserate with her a little and together we decide to move forward again. We decide to move forward because we remember a time when we did QUIT and learned that quitting only put us back where we started which is where we didn't want to be and was the reason we began moving forward in the first place.

So it seems that sometimes a part of me deep down inside needs to be reminded of the reasons to stay on course and follow the plan we set in motion together. I am hoping that in acknowledging this part of me and keeping her close that she will soon stop having the need to say, "I QUIT". However until that day arrives I will just keep on reminding her of our reasons for moving forward again and again until she trusts me enough to follow me no matter where I may lead her with nary a whisper being spoken.


Kay said...

Wow I can see that you are very motivated! This post has really taught me some things, quitting is not the answer!

Anonymous said...

eliza: very sound advice , no wonder I find you so encouraging when we [JT and I], feel the pain of disappointment.Never look back only forward.
You are the greatest.
love mom