Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mr. Cranky Knee Beckons Me

The second I deleted my poem from the top of this Blog last week I had a sinking feeling that I may have been a bit premature. At the time of the deletion I was well aware that my knee problems were not 100% behind me and as it turns out I was correct...and that is a GOOD THING:) I was correct that Mr. Cranky Knee was NOT BEHIND ME because he was in fact waiting AHEAD OF ME 5 minutes or so at the end of each run beckoning me to continue on to him. He appears to be waiting for me further and further ahead with each run these days and will soon be so far down the road or trail that his beckoning calls are destined to be but mere whispers on the wind.

This week included 1 aqua-running session in a very warm Florida pool and 4 days of land running including back to back days, an encouraging interval run and a 60 minute long run.
I am starting to think about racing however training smart and staying healthy is my only true goal right now and hence my new motto "Smart Training Beats Dumb Straining".

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