Saturday, February 27, 2016

Get Rich Quick Schemes

I just want to admit publicly that I am the victim of a Get Rich Quick Quick Scheme. Actually I have been vicitimized again and again. I wanted to make this admission publicly as I don't want anyone else to fall for these schemes. So beware anyone or any article or any book or any thing that promises to accelerate or make easy the process of becoming a the best runner you can be. The truth is that there are no shortcuts, no shoes or lack of shoes, no diet or vitamin or strength routine that you can take or do that will be more effective in making you a better runner then just getting out there and putting in the time on the road or the trail or the treadmill. It is not that I didn't put in my time, I did but I thought I was using my time more efficiently and smarter then everyone else, that I had a special way to run, a secret way to think, a magic powder energizing me but in the end I don't think that any of that made a difference and that it was just the time, not the shoes or lack there of or the powders or the extra curicular workouts that have gotten me where I am today. It was infact me, all me all the time.