Monday, July 27, 2009

Aqua-Running...A Devious Plan?

"Aqua-Running"... is it a true alternative to "Land-Running"or just one coach's devious plan to keep an unsuspecting land-runner occupied and sane while her broken body heals?
I had that thought the other day while I was aqua-running at my usual snails pace and being blown out of the lake by the swimmers including World Champion Triathlete Scott Takala. What if this aqua-running thing is just an elaborate scheme that my coach thought up to keep me off my feet so as to let my runner's knee heal? I really hope that all of this treading water fast and going nowhere slow will somehow translate into maintaining my running fitness and get me land running more again soon.

Last week's training was a smorgasbord of fitness activities having added sculling into the mix on Monday and Wednesday nights, core on Tuesday and Thursday, aqua-running Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and land-running Monday, Thursday, Sunday. With all that I put off weights until my day off Saturday and only did my arms plus leg rehabs and pull-ups. It was a bit intimidating to get back on the water in a scull but by the end of Thursday's row I felt I was almost back in the swing of things. I also feel that I really hit my aqua-running groove on Friday's interval run and land-running had me meeting or exceeding my planned time outs before yee ole knee began to whine.

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