Sunday, April 7, 2013

Running priority for 2013- #1) keeping Eliza healthy

My priorities concerning running this year are to #1) keep Eliza healthy, happy and injury free.

As a runner I know that injuries aren't planned so therefore planning not to have one may prove to be impossible, however since most of my injuries to date have been caused by muscle imbalances, stress and inflamation(calf tightness 2009-2013, runners knee 2009, hip 2010, ankle/foot 2011-2012, shin stress fracture or tendonitis 2012-2013) I have a pretty good handle on what I need to do or avoid doing in order to avoid the 3 injury causing agents listed above.

Ways I plan to avoid the 3 injury causing agents listed above-

STRESS- relieving stress is good...avoiding stress is better. There are physical and mental stressors. Physical stressors not only stress the bodies tissues, muscles and tendons but the nervous system with physiological, pschological implications. Mental stressors from work and life in general can also have physiological impact.

 I am avoiding stress by removing intense workouts (ie. interval, high end tempos)from my running and strength workouts and working only in an aerobic zone which for me is 126 bpm - 136 bpm.