Monday, August 10, 2009

Retiring My Poem

With much thought and no remorse I have finally decided to retire my poem from the top of it's namesake Blog. I wrote the poem one very frustrating day in May, 2 weeks after my PB setting 5km race which marked the beginning of the end of my knee. I was 3 days into a 7 day layoff from running and my computer was refusing to turn on no matter how patient I was trying to be. Pressing that ON button over and over just seemed to escalate my already building frustration so rather then take it out on my computer I decided to take a break and wrote a poem. The line "I need drugs to get me through it" was originally "I need cryogenic sleep to get me through it" as taking 7 whole days off from running seemed like an eternity at the time. Well I made it through the 7 days with no running however the knee ache was sadly waiting for me on my next run and for every run after that for the next 3 months. The ache is still there however it joins me at the end of my runs these days rather then in the middle. I am really looking forward to ditching my cranky running partner altogether soon so I can stop worrying about when he is going to show up.

I had a successful week of training having upped my long run to over 55 minutes and feel I have finally reached a point where I am able to get some good time in on my legs and really start putting together(with the help of my coach) some real training runs.