Sunday, February 5, 2017

If Life Gives you Lemons...

A pair of swans "wintering" on the bank of the Rideau River. There was a flock of 100 birds.
 my original photo
A few of the many swans who chose to spend their winter in Kingston, Ontario. Why I wonder?

A hummingbird from an internet photo and a You Tube "How To" course:-)
 Another little hummingbird. He looks so proud:-)
A monarch. I enjoyed studying the finer details.

I took up painting recently. I began with acrylic but I think watercolours and I are a better fit.  Here are my first attempts at paining in watercolour. It will be quite the adventure and will take humility, perseverance and dedication. Reminds me of another hobby I use to practice and hoping to get back to real soon. Take care and remember if Life gives you lemons, reach out and call Lemon Aid:-)