Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday July 6th to Sunday July 12th

This week I was back to 6 days a week of training. By adding the Aqua-Running to my schedule I am finally able to get consecutive days of running in again . It's not real running but I will take it over having 3 days off a week anytime.

-Monday was 35 min. running with 2 x 8 min. light tempos and 2 min. recovery's.
I only made it through 30 of the planned 35 min. due to a building knee ache but luckily managed the tempo segments fine and ran them perhaps a bit fast at 4:12 pace. Derrick suggested that perhaps my fresh legs played a factor with my speed but I am wondering if my Garmin is just completely messed up. Plus weights x3 and leg rehabs.

-Tuesday was 30 minutes of aqua-running.
I think my first attempt of aqua-running went quite well. I still had some form issues to work out but could see how this would be a good substitute for running on land. As I fastened the aqua blue float belt around my waist and headed towards the lake I could sense that some kids who had barely grown out of their water wings were a bit confused at my getup. In a way I kinda felt like a Superhero in my Super Belt as I waded deeper and deeper into the lake. Finally I could walk no more so as instructed just kept my legs moving like I was running on land. I was able to go across the lake and back before my teeth began to chatter from the cold water so I ended my test aqua-run a bit early at 27 mins. Missed core again...felt bad but got over it.

-Wednesday was a 30 minute easy run. I found my legs felt a bit tired and heavy from the aqua-run the day before.

-Thursday was another aqua-run for 30 minutes with 5 x 90 second intervals and 30 seconds recovery.
I did even better on my second attempt and the water was warmer so no teeth chattering. I also saw the cutest gaggle of geese out aqua-running. There was 20 of them and as they passed in front of me in a long line I felt as though I could have joined right in behind them. Plus stretch/core class.

-Friday was 35 minutes running with 15 minutes Diagonals on the soccer field.
Same workout as last week with 5 more minutes of Diagonals. I wore a patellar tendon strap which seemed to keep my knee a bit more stable. Plus weights circuit x3 and leg rehab exercises.

-Saturday was my one day off this week. Only one day off, how did that happen? Feels fantastic to have added in the aqua-running on what would have been off days due to my knee. Plus leg rehab and pull-ups

-Sunday was a 40 min long run. My knee was just about to complain as I hit the 40 minutes. I can't figure out how Derrick got that one just right. It is nice to have someone calculate all this for me.

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