Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Eye of the Storm


I whirl around in a long slow cyclonic spiral, a prisoner bound by the nature of a phenomenon I cannot escape and I submit to the powerful energy which now engulfs my very being. I am pulled and pummeled by the vortex of a storm that has just begun to pick up speed. I am afraid, enthralled and curious all at once. I am on a ride and terrified yet I cannot, will not or do not know how to get off. My body is battered, my soul is ravaged, and my resolve wanes yet I am compelled to anticipate whatever is to become of me. A grip of hurricane force rotates me faster, tighter and harder until I am about to break apart from my insides out and as I approach the limits of my humanity I am spit out into the quiet warm calm of the eye of the storm. I have survived, I've made it through the tumultuous wall and now my weary body slumps while my thankful heart rejoices and I am re-energized under the rejuvenating rays of the taper sun. 
-Eliza Murphy

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