Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 years of the Dion Frontenac Park Snowshoe Race

The start of the 5th Annual Dion Frontenac Park Snowshoe Race
(can you spot me?)
I was very happy to attend the 5th annual running of the Dion Frontenac Park Snowshoe Race this past weekend.  There was a good amount of new snow fall leading into the weekend which made for a beautiful snow covered course on race day and with the temperature hovering around 3 or 4 degrees below freezing it turned out to be almost ideal conditions for this kind of event. Over 50 athletes showed up with their snowshoes in tow ready to tackle the trails which included a good variety of terrain to test their snowshoeing skills on.

The race began with a long, wide and rolling straightaway for the first 2km then made an abrupt left turn into the woods for some exciting single track action with lots of steep, short ups and downs including multiple bridge crossings and if you weren't already tired enough there was a good long climb as we made our way back towards to the finish of the 6.5 km lollypop loop course.

Thank-you very much to Derrick Spafford and Sara Montgomery, their family and all of the volunteers who help out every year to put on this and other awesome snowshoe races in the area.

Cool race swag included these Barefooter shoes which I won
in a tie breaking Rock, Paper, Scissor contest when
my "Rock" crushed my opponents "Scissors".
These shoes are very cool and I am already addicted to
wearing them around the house instead of slippers.

My 5 Years of Running the Frontenac Snowshoe Race in Pictures

2010 47:27

2011 47:37

2012 42:21
2013 44:14


2014 47:46

Photos by Evelyn Harding, Sara Montgomery and

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Sara Montgomery said...

Awesome post, EJ! It's great to see you race there each year.