Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sydenham Fall Trail Run Pictures & Movie - unedited

Thanks to Derrick and Sara and all of the volunteers for putting on such a great event. I will write more about it when I get time.
Official Pictures are here
It was also fun hanging with David and Kim after as well. Here is a picture as proof.

Hanging out with David and Kim

Sara and Derrick                                       David wins a pumpkin and a silver medal

Rob and Kim(silver for Kim)                         Me and my medal(3rd in age)

Kim, David and Eliza and pumpkins

This is an unedited video my Mom took of the race. You will note at the beginning Derrick is giving race instructions to the 200 runners then he is off on his bike to lead the mass of people to the race course along Sydenham Lake. You will then see Derrick and the lead runners running up the trail across the lake. At the finish Kim races in ahead of me in pink and it is nice to hear all the cheers of my name as I cross the finish line and pose for a picture with official photographer Sara.


David said...

Thanks Eliza - It was a great day. You live beside a great trail - Thanks for the pictures, I think Kim will be doing more Pull-Ups at the gym from now on.

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

David and Kim,
It was so much fun hanging out with you two after the race. Keep up those pull-ups Kim. Kim it was nice seeing you finish in the video. You looked so strong and focused.

Kimberley said...

It was terrific to meet you Eliza! It was a lot of fun racing with you too. You really kept me focused and motivated. You are a very strong runner and it was an honour to be there with you. Thanks for all the fun after too. Your Mom is too sweet. Love the pics and I'll work on those pull-ups. Pretty cool seeing the video. I've never seen myself finish up so close and personal. Thank YOU EJ!

Sara Montgomery said...

Great race, Eliza! Fun riding that PB train with your work paying off.

Neat watching the video, thanks for posting.

Derrick said...

Great race Eliza!

Loved the pics and video. Both you and Kim looked so strong out on the course and finishing. You both look like you 'run with a purpose'.

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Yes I had totally forgotten about the PB. Rhiannon was happy about my medal but really happy about the pumpkin. What a nice idea for a prize and they made everyone smile.
I think I forgot my purpose for bit there then I got it back..."CATCH KIMBERLY".