Saturday, October 24, 2009

2009 Sydenham Fall Trail Run Race Report

This report is a bit delayed as it took be sometime to chew, swallow and digest my "HUMBLE PIE".
I went into this race with specific time expectations so falling short of them really affected my overall veiw of the ultimate outcome. My goal was to start out slow and not to go out too fast like has been my habit. Actually my goal to start out slow is nothing new it is just that I have never actually accomplished it in previous races. This race was different though as I was a bit under confident in my ability to hold my intended pace of 4:30-4:35 for the entire 8kms.
The first km was a breeze and I did indeed keep to my 4:30 pace and I felt as I was at a slow gallop loping down the trail. This form actually felt so good that I held it for the next 2km which in hindsight was a mistake as I actually slowed down a bit to more af a 4:40 pace. For the first part of the race I was changing places with a couple of master's women runners including Kimberley Bohn and Shirley Mires. I knew both of these runners however neither knew of each other or myself and I am not sure if that was an advantage to me or not as I was quite intimidated by both of them. Shirley took the lead and Kimberley breathed down my back until we were coming to the 5km mark when Kim pulled out from behind me in an amazing example of downhill racing and flew by me with no mercy. This caught me by complete surprise as I was quite tired by then and feeling her speed by me seemingly effortlessly down the hill was quite the demoralizing experience. It was as though she had this huge reserve she had decided to unleash and I was left to struggle through my growing fatigue in her wake. It took me a bit of time to regroup and get my fight back and I set out to catch her for the next 2.5 km. Although I was never able to close the gap I had to take not letting her open it much further as my consolation prize for the day and I finished 13 seconds behind her with an average pace of 4:40.
 Looking back it really was a great day to race two amazing competitors on my home trail and I learned alot about racing during the course of it.
8km Race Times-
2005 Beat Beethoven 52:?? minutes
2007 Sydenham Fall Run 44: ??
2008 Sydenham Fall Run 40:16
2009 Sydenham Fall Run 37:25
Nice to see all my hard work is paying off and truely it is in more ways then just a faster time.
I learn so much from every race about running, racing and myself. Sometimes I see the good side of me, sometimes the bad side. It is very important to see myself from both angles as it helps me to determine my future path and future goals...and again not all of them running related.


David said...

Eliza - you ran a great race - it is a difficult distance to race - too fast and you blow up, too slow and you are kicking ourself for not pushing harder - be proud. Congrats on the AG too.
It was great to finally meet you and put a face to those amazing URG drawings. I hope we get to race together again soon.

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Thanks David,
Tell Kim I ripped down the hill yesterday and couldn't help but think of her...fondly of course;)

Kimberley said...

Congrats on your AG award Eliza! You ran an excellent race. In fact, you motivated me to run fast. I likely wouldn't have run that pace that day if it hadn't been for you. My head wasn't in the game as my Aunt had passed away a couple of days before and I wasn't really feeling like racing. It was SO much fun running with you and trading leads that you inspired me to keep up with you. I really enjoyed it. You were running so well and you should be very, very proud. Thanks for the great race and next time, it will probably be your turn. Especially with your downhill sprint training. :)
Congrats again & hugs,

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

Hey Kim all I wish for you is to keep getting stronger and faster and we will finish where ever our training and desire will have us finish. You earned every second you beat me by and I was disappointed about not hitting my time and not because of losing to you. I had told Derrick I would shave my head if I ran a 37 so there was that hanging over my head so speak as well. You have so much strength from your long races and it was really impressive to see your speed shine through as well. I am going to be sticking to the shorter races for the next little bit while I prepare for my first miler next July.
It was great to meet and race you. Thanks for all of your kind and encouraging words.