Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It is time for the Limestome Half/5km again. I am experiencing major De ja vu as this will be my 4th time running it. Those past races have become blurred together in my mind, like 3 projector overlays one on top of the other as though they somehow happened simutanously in time. I can see myself  lining up in my first race not knowing the course at all and then also in my 3rd race knowing exactly what to expect. I can feel my legs going out too fast in my second and at the same time going out too slow in the third.  I remember coming to 1km and feeling strong and raring to go but I also remember being depleted and wanting to pull over. Running around the point I have a mouthful of bugs and yet am then smiling to myself that I have avoided the little buggers as I witness another runner gag. Being passed by a masters runner at 3km teaches me to dig deeper then ever as I am hoping she doesn't show up to repeat the challenge this year, I am turning things around and becoming the challenger myself.  I am racing towards the causway with 1km to go and have emotionally checked out and switched to autopilot mode and yet there at the same point in the race on the same stretch of pavement seemingly at the same point in time I am also more fully aware then ever , battling side by side for a place in my AG as I run all alone racing for a new PR.

I would love to tie these up into a nice little box, put a bow on it and have it all make sense for you but I haven't figured it all out myself. On one hand I think my mind is trying to put together the perfect race for me by taking pieces from each one and comparing it to past and subsequent races but upon further reflection I am also seeing another explanation for this time/space confusion. I have no doubt that we can learn from our mistakes and by some extent we have control over how our race plays out and can plan for it. But planning ahead is one thing, executing your plan is another and that is where the variables come in.

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