Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Longest Run Awaits and The Yukon Arctic Ultra is On It's Way! Yeah!!

I am just heading out for my longest run by time and hopefully distance ever on the Gould Lake trails. The Yukon Arctic Ultra is ready to begin so I will be sending out good vibes to coach Derrick and fellow Health and Adventure athlete David Bohn as I take on all of the rolling hills. If you go here you can see the Spot Tracker map and get more details and charts to follow the athletes. Well the race has started and I am off.

Well I finished my run. Can't say the same for Derrick but he appears to be doing well in 2nd and wait he is first, David should be finished but I can't find any results posted on the site or any tweets from the man himself. I am sure he did well though. As for my run I ended up running 2:32 and 19.75 km on a very rolling hilly and icy route. I was hoping to hit 20km but unfortunately the footing made it impossible to keep up the pace at times and running in some unfamiliar territory at one point also slowed me down some. I wore thin gloves for some ungodly reason and my hands were freezing as I also carried a water bottle which help keep them nice and cold as well. No sign of any wildlife other then lots of tracks in the snow and absolutely no one else out enjoying the park today as there were no foot prints on the trails after 500m into the woods where the icy downhills apparently turned most people back...but not me;-)

OK it's official, 2nd place for Derrick in a blazing fast time of 23:18 which BTW beat the old course record which Justin Wallace now holds with his win of 22:19. Huge Congrats Derrick, it was very exciting tracking the race with Spot Tracker and watching those elevation climbs and decents unfold peak after peak. It was hard to image you pulling a loaded pulk up and down each and every one of them through the night. Congratulations also to David(not Dirk) who finished the marathon in 3:24 taking 2nd place also. Yeah, for Health and Adventure, the Yukon Arctic Ultra was a huge success for all ;o)


slowrunner said...

how was your run girl !!!
i have been tracking d - very kool!

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

How was my run? What makes you think I'm back yet;-) I wasn't a 4 or 5hr one like you do. I will add a little blurb to the end of the post. Go D Go!!!

slowrunner said...

silly! great job on your run! and as of 7:34pm, D is just about to climb some nasty mountain. according to the spot thing, he's leading.

Eliza Ralph-Murphy said...

You are right, that was a MONSTER of a hill er MOUNTAIN.