Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Confession

I have a confession to make however I don't know if this it the proper place to make it. I do believe that we can all learn from the events that lead me to this point because everyone here may at sometime find themselves in the same situation. It all began innocently enough with me talking to a stranger on-line and then one thing lead to another and then...well listen to my confession and decided for yourself if you are destined to follow in the shoe prints of my Puma H-streets.

I feel as though I have been cheating with another man. It all began on a forum and then the e-mails progressed to phone calls and soon I found myself sitting alone in my office looking into his eyes and he into mine...we were Skyping each other. Now this wasn't the first time he had seen me. I had also been sending him videos of myself by means of my Dropbox for him to download and replay time and time again, over and over his eyes scanning every detail of my moving body. But how could I betray the one man who had stood behind me through thick and thin like this? How could I go behind his back that way with this other man? Well as I eluded to it just kinda happened, I had an itch that needed scratching and before I knew it I had another man in my life, another man I called "Coach". Well actually I call him "Coach Jeremy" and he is very much like my "Coach". He is concerned for my well being and asks about my health and injuries. He sends me weekly drills to do and and then e-mails, phones or Skypes me to talk about them. The only difference is the videos and now you may be wondering what is in these videos. I can't deny it but they are videos of my form or to be more specific my "Pose Form" as you see "Coach Jeremy" is a certified Pose Coach. I have been very honest with "Coach" about my participation in the Pose forum from day one and he is aware of my habit of uploading my Pose drills and running video for critique. However things have progressed beyond the Pose forum and I suddenly find myself feeling as though I am cheating.

So there it is, my confession. Do you see yourself in there? Can you learn from my mistakes? The truth is that "Coach" gives me 80% of everything I need to become the best runner I can become. However he can't be everything and even though he may not agree that I need the things I seek beyond what he offers I do feel the need at times to go outside of our relationship to satisfy my desires.

Well as you have probably figured out(I really hope you figured it out before now) I am poking a bit of fun at this situation and have embellished it with innuendos of infidelity and betrayal. However I do hope to return the loyalty I have received from those around me who are kind to me and seek to raise me up and not put me down so the entire situation really did have me regretting not telling "Coach"( Derrick) about "Coach Jeremy" before I found myself Skyping away in my office on that day. I hope you can forgive me "Coach". You are THE BEST and I hope you don't mind but I am changing your name to "#1 Coach"!!; )

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