Sunday, July 4, 2010

...I can WIN any race I enter...

Like I always say, I can WIN any race I long as no one FASTER shows up; ) Well usually that never happens, in fact it has NEVER happened until TODAY!!: )

The second annual running of the Somersault Triathlons, Duathlon, Canoe Tri, Kayak Tri, Swim, Swim-Cycle, 10KM, 5KM, 2KM, etc. etc. etc. took place today in my home town of Sydenham, Ontario. Everyone in the village came out to support the event either by volunteering or participating. I almost ran The Wolfe Island 5km instead but am glad I decided to join in the fun and take home my first ever overall Gold medal in the Women's 5km and winning a running skirt and a nice tech shirt to boot. I must say it was fun to hear my name announced over the loud speaker as I crossed the finish line as first women and 3rd overall behind two 13 year old boys. Now I can tell everyone that I am almost as fit as a 13 yr old boy and really how much fitter can I get then that?

The race itself was a hard one for me. It was hot and I was tired and had a bad stitch at 2.5km.  I decided not to worry about it and took it as an opportunity to just try and hold it all together when the body just wanted to stop. I did not use my Garmin and ran the whole way "time blind" and loving it. All that mattered was that I kept pushing forward trying to catch that 13 yr. old kid in the red shirt. I never quite caught him but it was fun trying. Funny thing but I was so taken up in racing that when I crossed the finish line I really was not that interested in what my time was. Imagine that, sounds impossible even to me.

My time was 21:46, a new course record; )
Just a little video of the proceedings. Please note that the 5km and 10km were ran together.


Sara Montgomery said...

Whooo Hoooooo! That's amazing, and I am so happy for you!!! Love the photo, you're totally flying!

Derrick said...

Huge congrats again. Great race and back to back races.

Nice to win your first race on your home course.