Monday, March 1, 2010

Make Your Own Path

As I headed out the door for my long run I decided to grab my snowshoes and hit the trail. I spend alot of the week running my workouts on the road so the opportunity to snowshoe before the snow is gone was just too tempting. When I arrived at the trail I realized that the conditions were much worse then I expected. The trail was sloppy wet where the snowmobiles had travelled so I decided to go wherever the pristine white snow on the sides of the trail invited me to go. I also decided that I didn't have to run in a straight line as I was not heading to anywhere in particular so why not go off the beaten path and see where the snow takes me. Funny but many of the places I ended up running I found myself following in the tracks of some large dog who's owner I assume took the sloppy trail in lieu of the higher softer snow. Yes following the higher snow was a bit of a struggle forcing me to step a bit higher and slow my pace but it also afforded me the opportunity to take in some views of the lake I had not partaken in before. If there was snow heading down to the waters edge or up a hill I took it. I came to a piece of property that had a huge yard of pristine snow so rather then just run straight through it I decided to really leave my mark and trotted out a huge happy face. I climbed some snow covered rocks and discovered some long forgotten wooden staircase below which at one time would have been used to access the lake. Anyhow it was a great snowshoe run and great how I felt like a first time explorer on a trail I have run 100's of times. Today's run also reminded me of a saying I have hanging on my office wall,

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"- Ralph Waldo Emerson .

This quote also inspired me to write down the following quotes. I am not sure if anyone has said these before or better but they just popped in my head-

The path you forge yourself is the loneliest path of them all.

Make your own path. Those you meet along the way are your kindred spirits.


Sara Montgomery said...

Nice run, EJ. Happy face, that's cool.

I like your quotes, particularly the one about kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

I like yur quotes as well. It is nice to know that often when you forge your own path you are providing a trial for others to follow.