Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Trophies

Showing Off my "Trophies" scabs, stitches and ALL!!
My coach once had the nerve to tell me that the excruciatingly sore legs I was left with after my first goal race were infact my "TROPHIES". What kind of prize is that I thought, he must be CRAZY. But hey no one else was giving me any trophies so I took my prize and ran with it(them). The next time I raced my legs were sore again and as before I took my prize and ran with them. I have been running with my TROPHIES for a year and half now and I gotta tell you that these suckers are stronger and sturdier and faster then I ever thought possible. Sometimes I look down at them and I wonder where they came from and how they got attached to me. I am beginning to think that perhaps my coach was not so CRAZY afterall. I am very proud of my TROPHIES these days so I'm happy to show them off scabs, stitches and all and I must admit that my TROPHY CASE isn't looking too shabby either. If I do say so myself: )

Well I spent the week recovering from my fall while testing out the "trophies" with an easy run on Wednesday and Friday. Derrick scheduled a Tempo/Long run on Saturday and all felt great. I feel I have recovered 100% from my unfortunate fall and am good to go for my race this Sunday where I expect to be picking up another set of  "Trophies" for the effort. Wish me LUCK!


Sara said...

You should be proud of your trophies, that's for damn sure! Great shot, those wounds look tough.

So excited for your race!! (It looked potentially doomed there for a bit with your fall. I'm so glad it didn't come to that.) You're going to have a great one!!!

EJ said...

Yes I am feeling very lucky that I am able to run this weekend. OK I guess my luck kicked in afterall. Funny but I really was feeling lucky as I wrote that and then I realized I had been lucky all along.
We are all so lucky.

Derrick said...

Glad to hear that you thing your coach is 'perhaps not crazy' afterall.

Good thing you didn't post the trophy pic before you started back running after your fall;)

Have fun this weekend!

Sara said...

"I realized I had been lucky all along. We are all so lucky."

Absolutely agree. Very nice. :)

EJ said...

My 7 "lucky" stitches are gone but I hope the luck remained. I am going to polish up my trophies a bit today with some strides.
Sar, now that I think of it, sub 20 is damn fast. I am going for 22...this time 'round.