Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Emilie's Run 2012

Emilie's Run 2012 Start Video

Holy deja vu Batman! Looking at my race photos and having that deja vu moment I had to ask myself why I keep running the same races year after year? It does seem kind of boring after all. Is it because,
a) it's a good way to compare fitness from one year to the next
b) it's a good way to master the particular nuances of that race
c) it's a good way to learn that even though the event is the same, no two races are and you gain something different from each one
d) it's a good way to compare race photos and plan for next year's outfit
e) it's a good way to get a new pic for your avatar
d) all of the above

To expand a bit on a few of the above points, although running the same race year after year is a good way to compare to the previous year's performance it is not a 100% full proof way of comparing ones fitness. For example this year I am a bit delayed in my speed training and having raced less my head is just now getting into "racing mode" so although I ran the race a little slower this time around I still have the potential to run a faster 5km in a few weeks time.

Having the chance to get familiar with the same race year after year means there is less to digest on race day. Travelling was easier as I knew where I was going, when I got there I also knew where the bathrooms, the registration, the best place to warm-up and where the start and finish lines were. None of that was a concern although having that knowledge also made it all a bit less, "eventful" and the excitement of being part of Canada's largest women's only 5km which was a big deal to me last year was kinda lost in the familiarity of it all. Running the race itself was like getting a, "do over" and I definitely had last year's mistakes in mind and hoped to not repeat them as the sound of the horn sent me on my way.

Though I was a bit slower this year(approx. 20sec. or 4sec. a km), I was happy with the way I kept believing even when I was losing hope and I know that having gotten through that tough patch in the race will help me tons come next Saturday when I defend my course record at the Sydenham 5km. Not that my time of 21:45ish has any chance of holding up this year due in part to the fact that I mentioned the race to Joanne Armstrong in the grocery store yesterday. She has been racing 800's lately while training with her phenomenally fast daughter Nicole(who is busy training for the Junior Nationals) and confessed to me that she is scared of 5kms again so was glad to hear about the race so she can get one under her belt. Now if I could only, "do over" that conversation;-) This is what I would have said. "Hi Joanne, how are you?"..."Races? No, I don't know about any races going on you might want to jump into and destroy my course record while you are at it".

And yes I did buy the low res version of the picture because I figured it was tacky to have a copyright watermark on my avatar and Sara wasn't there to take a picture of me. Sara is incharge of my winter avatars only.


Sara said...

Love the photo comparison, that's pretty cool.

Good race! Good luck in Sydenham!

EJ said...

Does the video bring back any memories?

Funny how I always seem to be smiling in my winter avatars.

My glute/piriformis is acting up on me so resting til the race for now.